In Serfruit we are celebrating our 25th aniversary.

We are working hard for 25 years to provide the best process automation solutions to all our customers.

From our beginnings in food industry, we have acquired, over all this time, extensive experience, base of our current and future growth, we have moved to other sectors with an internationally vision.

Until now we have walked as Serfruit, using the slogan “Technology for feeding,” and we are pleased and proud of the travelled path with our image.

But time does not pass in vain for enterprises, big or small. And, even companies, with a large presence in the memory of everybody, over the years, renew  the image transmitted and they suit it to the present.

For these reasons, we present our new image as well as our website at the same time.

Our sincere thanks to all those who have cooperated with us and have helped us, during these 25 years, to automate the world.