You never are alone

Our clients’ piece of mind is a fundamental pillar of our company

Our drive to satisfy the client has led us to design high technology automation solutions and to construct reliable and resistant machines that are capable of coping with the most demanding sectors, such as the fruit and vegetable sector. As we are aware of how important an aftersales service is, Sersuport has been created. It is a company specialising in maintaining machinery and equipment.

Sersuport ensures that the different automation solutions function correctly and it has professionals experienced in maintenance, diagnostics and repair who are accustomed to rectifying any type of contingency in the shortest time possible.

In line with our company philosophy, based on the personalised automation solutions, Sersuport also offers a taylor made maintenance service. It is adapted to the specific needs of each client, both remotely and on site, in order to ensure that our clients have peace of mind in the face of any incident.

Aftersales service methods

Our maintenance service is based on the “lean maintenance” philosophy and on eliminating the “7 wastes”, which allows us to offer you great advantages like:

  • Improvements in the overall performance of the equipment installed (OEE).
  • Optimizing the total cost of maintaining your machines.
  • Eliminating unplanned and expensive stops, ensuring production without setbacks.
  • Reducing the response times for repairs.
  • Production increases in your facilities.

We are constantly updating the machines’ documentation and we keep you informed of the improvements, optimizations and new products for your equipment. Additionally, we directly sell replacement parts for maintenance or for repairs.

At Serfruit, we have standardised different maintenance models in accordance with the needs of the sector and the activities of our clients. Corrective actions, programmed corrective actions, preventive, predictive and proactive actions as well as a team exclusively dedicated to the client.