Taylor made Software

We study the needs of the client and the characteristics of the project in order to create software that allows all the components of our equipment to be controlled and integrated in the software or the client’s own system. Additionally, this software complements our equipment and it has the possibility of providing the client with extra multiple solutions, such as:

  • Pallet labelling. Pallet labelling so they can be integrated with the company’s logistics.
  • Box labelling in real time. Software for labelling the boxes conveyed by a line in real time, and for its use in logistics or tracking.
  • Tracking. We develop personalized computer applications that control and supervise the production on the line, as well as the tracking of the products produced, by labelling and reading the bar codes. Reports defined by the client are shown and it is possible to send and receive data from other applications to manage orders.
  • Addressing system. Software for facilitating the set-up of the addressing system in the different products at your facilities. Production ControlSoftware for controlling the production of each worker on the production line.
  • Production Control. Software for controlling the production of each worker on the production line.
  • Warehouse Management. Software for controlling and managing your warehouse.
  • Production Management. Software for managing your company’s production and distributing the production to the different lines from the order details in your management system.
  • Integration with other systems. Our software can be integrated with other IT systems, providing production or tracking data.
  • Taylor made solutions. We study the specific needs of the client and we offer personalised alternatives on a case-by-case basis.