Serfruit have set up a processing plant for peppers and citrus fruits for one of the largest suppliers of peppers in Europe: Hortamira (Murcia, Spain).

These facilities will make it possible to handle about 40 tons per hour, with the products arriving straight from the fields and leaving already packaged and ready for sale.

The line in Hortamira’s new facilities starts with the automated deposit of the products in Serfruit pallets. These then go to 5 Aweta calibrators with a total of 20 lines. The sorted product is then handled and placed automatically on pallets, ready to be shipped to the customer.

Serfruit has installed two large robots for the placement of product-filled pallets on each of the lines for the handling and calibration of peppers. In this way, there is a continuous and careful supply of 10 tons of peppers per hour to each of the 4 lines.

The peppers go through 4 Aweta calibrators, each with 4 lines. There, the peppers are sorted based on their color and weight and then move towards one of the 52 exits at Hortamira. The finished boxes are collected for their later placement on pallets.

Multi-reference automated packing station for filled pallets at different levels
The boxes that come from each processing line are taken to Serfruit’s automated packing station.

With just two palletising robots, all sorted products are placed on pallets. The automated packing station makes Hortamira’s facilities considerably more flexible. Once the pallets have been filled, they are collected, secured and prepared for shipment to the customer.

Control software tailor-made for Hortamira
Thanks to Serfruit’s control software, customers are able to access all kinds of information related to their products at any time. There is data available about every pallet, every box, etc. This includes the pallet’s weight, the order number and information about the customer, the sizes, the traceability of crates and packaging, the partners, the producing companies, the carrier, the destination, etc.